SwimMAC Tri Swim and Strength Program

By valuing the development of respect, perseverance, integrity, and discipline, VOLO MultiSport creates and environment that promotes the growth of successful athletes.


While the goals of every athlete are persued, a focused approach to long-term health and integrity of the mind and body is held in the highest regard; and a person's full potential is never sacrificed for a short-term achievement.

Program Highlights and Benefits


  • Package of 12 highly supervised training sessions

  • Utilization of cutting edge technology and equipment

  • Designed by triathletes for triathletes

  • Designed to improve freestyle swim technique, run strength mechanics, and stability of the body

  • Access to Multi-Rider Computrainer Studio

  • Swim, Strength, Cycle, and Run all in one facility

  • Cost: $150


Swim and Strength Sessions


Weekly triathlon specific swim and Strength workouts


​Monday/Friday 6:30-7:45am

Sunday 1:15-2:45pm


*Practices limited to 20 athletes to allow for stroke critique

Strength and Conditioning Sessions


Weekly 60 minute functional strength and conditioning sessions


Tuesday and Thursday 10 am or 11 am



*Groups limited to 10 athletes




SwimMAC Carolina

Charlotte Latin Swim Facility

9850 Providence Road

Charlotte, NC, 28277


Additional Services Offered


Endless Pool sessions including personalized obervation andinstruction by Eric Lane

(Cost: $75/ 40 minute individual session or $125/ 40 minute group session for 2 athletes)


Video capture and functional drills utilized to assist with technique and swim specific strength


** Enrolllment in this program grants athletes unlimited access to the SwimMAC Latin Facility open swim times. Pool Availability is posted HERE.


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