"Eric is the new breed of coaches that we will see more of in our sport. He has an extensive swimming background but knows very well that to be a great swimmer (or any type athlete) you will have to be a solidly connected land athlete. The fact that Eric has a great personality, cares deeply for the athletes he coaches, and is very creative makes him a tremendous asset to the Charlotte community and the SwimMAC Family."

-David Marsh, CEO SwimMAC Carolina

“I am a 44 year old wife and mother of three. Over the years, I have tried to stay active while raising my children. I've participated in competitive swimming on a master's program, swimming at two national level meets. I competed in several 5k, 10k, half and two full marathons, Boston and Richmond. But, I had yet to incorporate strength training in my workouts.


In January 2013, my daughter's swim and dry-land coach, Eric Lane, started offereing training for adults. I saw the great results my daughter was having from his training and wanted to give it a try. A group of friends decided to change up out daily workouts and start group training with Eric. As soon as we began, I was impressed by Eric's workouts!


As a trainer, Eric was enthusiastic and dedicated to my success, which in turn pushed me to accomplish exercises that almost seemed impossible. He was always conscientious that I was performing the exercises properly. He was innovative in his workouts which included dynamic warm-ups, strength, plyometrics, core, cardio, ropes and even TRX! His creativity kept me engaged in my training. Eric knew instinctively how hard to push me so I achieved a greater depth of training.


After training an hour twice a week for four months, I noticed I have more energy, flexibilty, and my body is more defined. I feel great! The training has also translated into my swimming. I'm able to hold my stroke technique for longer distances, my streamline off the wall is stronger and more effective, and I am less winded during heart rate sets. I am so excited in my training accomplishments!


Eric Lane has had a huge impact in the successes in our lives. Two of us competed and placed in Short Course Masters Nationals, another competed in a half Ironman, one competes in tennis while another has been playing golf 2-3 times a week without her chronic elbow pain. Quite Impressive!


I want to thank Eric Lane for giving us the opportunity to participate in his training program. He is by far one of the best trainers in the Charlotte area!”

- Dawn Bonfilio, Mother of 3

"In the 25+ years of triathlon training, this year I have had some of my best training sessions running, biking, and swimming, since I have been attending Eric's strength training sessions. Even though I lifted for many years, it doesn't compare to the overall strength I have picked up in just a few months training with Eric. His workouts are innovative, targets all muscle groups, and are fun. I get more out of one hour of his workouts than the hours I used to spend in the weight room."

- Jeff Murray, Parent

"Not only has Eric improved my swimming, but he has influenced my overall attitude and mental process. He now holds the spot for one of the greatest influences in my life when it comes to self-confidence, being a role model, and overcoming difficult situations."

-Sarah Redmond, Swimmer


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