SwimMAC Strength Programs

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Strength Foundations:

  • Ages 13 and Up

  • Developing the foundational movements for strength

  • Proper set up and form through movements for steady and safe progressions

  • Progress from body weight movements to resisted movements

  • Movements developed and necessary to progress to next level: Air squat, Sit up, Push up, Inverted Row, Chin ups, Functional core training, Good morning, Box jump, Lunges, Jump rope, KB deadlift, Turkish get up


Strength Development:

  • Ages 15 and Up

  • Building off the foundational movements

  • Strong emphasis on foundational movements while introducing more resistance equipment

  • Designed to perfect form in movements through low weight and high reps

  • Movements developed and necessary to progress to next level: KB swings, BB Deadlift, Jump rope double under, Floor press, Sumo Deadlift, Pull ups, Bent over row, Hang Clean, Hanging core training, Back Squat, Front Squat


Strength II:

  • Ages 16 and Up

  • Building off the Strength Development movements

  • Weight room etiquette and movement instruction to educate on creating a safe and productive training environment.

  • Mesocycles of high/low rep counts to develop more power while still having a component of muscular endurance.


Strength I:

  • Ages 16 And Up

  • Building power, work capacity, and strength

  • Mesocycles of Power/Work Capacity/Speed while providing testing  every 6-8 weeks for charting progressions and setting working weights for future cycles.

  • Testing will include 3-or-5 rep maxes depending on the lift and will incorporate a max working capacity based off the former test.


The overall goal of each level is to improve the swimmers ability to hold best technical form in the water and apply power through their best technique while swimming.


Cost: $80 for an 8-pack of training sessions.


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