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is to enrich the lives of people we touch. By valuing the development of respect, perseverance, integrity, and discipline, VOLO MultiSport creates an environment that promotes the growth of both successful athletes as well as young leaders in our community. As our staff plays the part of coach, mentor, and role model, we guide athletes both physically and emotionally towards personal excellence yielding success at multiple levels. While the goals of every athlete are pursued, a focused approach to long-term health and integrity of the mind and body is held in the highest regard; and a person's full potential is never sacrificed for a short-term achievement.

"Hi Coach Eric! I just wanted to thank you for everything you did for me, you really prepared me well for dry land and weights here at Pitt!! What we do here is very similar to what we did with you and I wanted you to know it has been an easy transition for me! I really appreciate all you did to prepare me for my next step!"

                                        -Katy Miller

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 Keep up the great work!

"Time lost is time lost. It's gone forever. Some people tell themselves that they will work twice as hard tomorrow to make up for what they did not do today. People should always do their best. If they can work twice as hard tomorrow, then they should have also worked twice as hard today. That would have been their best. Catching up leaves no room for them to do their best tomorrow. People with the philosophy of putting off and then working twice as hard cheat themsemselves."

-Coach John Wooden

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